How to Charge Your Smartphone By Making Cool Wind Turbine Using A Computer Fan

Ram Pothuraju

You can get an external backup power battery, you can try those tips and tricks for saving the smartphone’s battery and yet, you’ll find yourself looking for a power outlet because the juice in your device is finished. Meet Thomas, a 16 year old, from Romania who eventually became so tired of this problem every time he went for long bike rides that he made use of his technical skills to come up with a cool phone charger. The charger has been created using an old computer fan along with a phone battery and some other components. Check out the amazing project below and let us know what you think of it.

He made use of basic tools; glue gun, soldering iron, electrical tape and a wire cutter.

Apart from these, he made use of an old cell phone battery and a CPU fan along with some transistors and germanium diodes.

Part of the challenge was to convert the power in the fan from AC to DC.

Using a bit of amazing soldering.

And the old cell phone battery.

The construction of the wind turbine charger was completed.

He even waterproofed the charger using electrical tape.


Taking it out for a ride was the only thing left to do

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