How to Set start menu in windows 8

Ram Pothuraju

if you are using windows 8 then you are aware of the metro start screen. In windows 8, Microsoft did not provide start menu in windows 8 and so many users were not happy with start screen. So later, windows provided windows 8.1 update and brought the start menu back. So many improvements were also included in this update.
Well, if you are still using windows 8 and want to add start menu in windows 8 then I'm going to tell you an easy way to get start menu for windows 8. Just follow the steps below:

Download iObit Start Menu for Windows 8 from this link.

After downloading the setup, install it in your computer.

That's it. Once the installation gets finished, you will see start button in the bottom left side of your screen.

Click that start button and access it as you used to do with other Microsoft OSs.

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