Prisma App For Android Now Available On Google Play Store

Ram Pothuraju

The wait is over. Prisma the much-awaited photo artwork app now available for android officially. Prisma is a popular photo editing app released during the start of this month. Initially, it was launched only for iOS and had a huge response globally. Reports state that over 400 million pictures are converted to artworks and over 10.6 million installs on iOS. Prisma app uses artificial intelligence to convert the original photo into an amazing art and the app is free and doesn’t carry any ads.
Available on Play Store:

Last week, the developer has announced the Prisma app for android with beta access, but before the beta invites, the app was available in various sources. Due to which the company, stopped converting photos to artwork from Prisma android beta app, with the message stating “Thank you for trying the beta. Please, wait for the official release.”There was no date mentioned about the official launch of the app for Android. But, suddenly the company has released the official version of Prisma app on Play Store and it is available to the public. Anyone can download it officially from play store.

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