Seminar on Global Wireless E-Voting

Ram Pothuraju


In the era of technology, the voting machine, which is present today, is highly unsecured. Being in the age of Computers we are compromising the security by opting for Electronic voting machine because in the present electronic voting machine is not intelligent that is it cannot determine the person came for the voting is eligible or not . That mean the whole control is kept in the hand of voting in charge officer. One more risk with the present voting machine is that any body can increase the vote count, since the count is present in the machine itself.
Description of Global Wireless E-Voting

In proposed machine that is "Global Wireless E-Voting ", the machine is made intelligent which can determine the eligibility of the voter by scanning the eye pattern and also the vote count is not kept into the same machine itself instead of it it is store in the remote server by converting it into radio waves. Here there is no chance of increasing the vote count of machine. Even in case of damage to voting machine there will not be harm to continuity of the election process.


The radio waves of a mobile frequency consist of Retina pattern and vote can be generated by means of external source. That’s why we need to provide some sot of security to avoid this problem. One of the idea to solve this problem is CDMA (which will be explained later ) and another technique is inserting security bits at regular interval of time during the transmission of radio waves (Ex.2 msec) .At the server side after the given interval (2 msec ) security bits are checked (ex 1001) . In case of positive confirmation we can accept as valid vote, other wise simply rejected.

Another problem is that one may trap the radio waves in between and can determine the person and the vote; this may disclose the result of the election before the completion of the voting process. To avoid this problem we can go for applying the efficient and complex encryption algorithm so that the transparency of data can be hidden and the server side the encrypted data can be again decrypted and original data can retrieved this make the trapping of wave meaningless .The encryption algorithm can be termed as Key Complex Algorithm.

Geographical Problems

This is the problem regarding the area where technical facilities like mobile tower or Internet service is not present. In this case will convert the vote and retina pattern into the electrical information and pass it through the electrical conductors until we can reach the area where the technical facilities like internet or mobile tower is available, and if only internet facility is available is then we can convert this electrical information to digital means and with these data using computers connected to internet we can pass the vote and retina pattern. Here the eye scanner will be web cam.

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