Seminar On Human Computer Interface

Ram Pothuraju


The Human-Computer Interface is a multidisciplinary field concerned with the design and evaluation of interacting computer systems from the user perspective. It deals with the way that computers and their users communicate. It pertains to the performance of tasks by humans and machines, the structure of human-machine communication, the engineering aspects of designing, building and specifying interfaces so that computers are easy to use and do what people want them to do. HCI requires the understanding of the capabilities and limitations of both sides of the communication.
Description of Human Computer Interface

The Human-Computer Interface (HCI) deals with the methods by which computers and their users communicate. It is the process of designing interface software so that computers are pleasant, easy to use and do what people want them to do. Dealing with HCI requires the study of not only the hardware of the computer, but that of the human side also. Therefore attention must be paid to human psychology and physiology. This is because to build a better two-way communication, one must know the capabilities and limitation of both sides.

This seminar also deals with concepts and guidelines that should be followed in order to produce a good HCI. Specifically dealt with topics include Dialogue Design, Presentation Design, General Input and Output.The human brain is where all the cognitive functions take place. It is ultimately where a human receives, interprets and stores information.

1.Naive - These are the users who have never encountered or used a computer in their lives. With the fact that computers now permeate our lives to such an extent, this group is becoming quite small, but will always exist.

2.Skilled - Skilled users have considerable computer experience and would be quite comfortable operating most computer systems. They would know where to go for help with a system functional problem but still would not have the expertise to understand the internal working of a computer or application.


The intention of an HCI is to construct a mechanism so that a user can communicate with the desired application. A computer application is a tool and the HCI is the interface between the tool and the user. Most tools have interfaces of one form or another. For example, televisions, VCRs, telephones, etc. have HCI's. Common to these HCI's is the fact that the information is entered or retrieved in a specific format and sequence. The sequence of events by which a human and a computer communicate is known as a dialogue.

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