File Information Java Program

Ram Pothuraju
This program take a file path and file name in the command line and displays the details of the file. 

Program to accepts a filename from command line argument and displays the number of characters, words, and lines in the file.

class CountF 

public static void main(String args[])throws IOException 

 int ch; 
 boolean prev=true; 
 int char_count=0; 
 int word_count=0; 
 int line_count=0; 
 FileInputStream fin=new FileInputStream(args[0]); 
   if(ch!=' ') ++char_count; 
   if(!prev && ch==' ') ++word_count; 
   if(ch==' ') prev=true;else prev=false; 
   if(ch=='\n') ++line_count; 
 char_count -= line_count*2; 
 word_count += line_count; 
 System.out.println("Number of Characters="+char_count); 
 System.out.println("Number of Words="+word_count); 
 System.out.println("Number of Lines="+line_count); 

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