A Big Upgrade Over The Jio Phone :: Jiophone 2

Ram Pothuraju

JioPhone 2 is basically a feature phone that is added with some smartphone features, making it comparable even to an entry-level smartphone.

Reliance Jio launched the Jiophone 2, hoping to attract more users to switch to its Jio Phone range. Jio Phone 2 price in India is Rs 2,999. The phone is a big upgrade over its predecessor. For Reliance Jio, the Jio Phone was its stepping stone to introduce to the masses a made-in-India “smart” feature phone. Reliance Jio managed to sell more than 25 million Jio Phones. With the launch of Jio Phone 2, the company aims to sell 100 million units.

The Indian mobile phone industry is taking an interesting turn with the constant development of technology. But if you think that feature phones are things of the past, you seriously need to rethink. Feature phones like Reliance Jio, Micromax as well as other Indian smartphone-makers have shown us the potential of a feature phone. If you are planning on getting a feature phone, keep on reading our Jio Phone 2 review.

Design and Build

When compared to its predecessor, Jio Phone 2 has got massive upgrades regarding design. It definitely feels a notch above the Jio Phone.

One of the most noticeable highlights is that Jio Phone 2 has the Blackberry Curve design. On the upper half of the front is a 2.4-inch QVGA display. On the lower half is the QWERTY keypad. At the center of the keypad is a 4-way navigation key.

The Google Assistant launcher is inside the circular navigation key. Users can easily access the launcher with a single tap. On the back is a removable plastic cover that protects the battery. At the center is the rear camera. On the left are the speakers and on the right is an LED flash.

The phone can easily fit into one’s hands despite its QWERTY keypad. Although users are supposed to use the QWERTY with both of their hands, users can easily access every single key of the Jio Phone 2 with a single hand.

However, the keys are a bit hard and uncomfortable to use. But considering its cheap price, it still offers rather a good built quality since it can survive multiple drops and feels sturdy. The buttons might feel a bit low grade but you have to take into consideration the price strategy. This is not a smartphone. Rather it is a feature phone added with some major tweaks so that it is 4G-enabled.


The feature phone comes with a 2.4-inch QVGA display, offering better viewing angles compared to the Jio Phone. The Jio Phone 2’s QVGA display panel is bright enough for outdoor usage. Its dimensions make browsing through Google and Facebook seem practical. Besides that, there are not many changes as the display panel of the smartphone has all the usual features found on an average feature phone.


Similar to the original Jio Phone, Reliance Jio equips this smart feature phone with KaiOS with which you can find a lot of features that are normally found in a smartphone, like a notification center, privacy options, location services, and other useful settingsYou can browse, watch videos, make video calls, 4G calls, and access apps like WhatsApp, Google Maps, YouTube, and Facebook

You can also access different apps from Jio such as Jio Pay, JioTV, MyJIo App, JioChat, Jio Store, and many more. While Jio Pay is a digital wallet developed by Jio, with JioTV, you can watch TV channels live. There is also the Jio Cinema app to stream movies, Jio Music to stream audio, and Jio Xpress News app to read the news. You can download and install apps via Jio App Store. One of the most highlighted “smart” features of this phone is it has a USB capable so can stream content from the Jio Phone 2 onto your TV.


Jio Phone 2 features a 2,000mAh removable battery. If you let your mobile data connected all the time, make phone calls, and stream videos, the lasting time of the battery is equivalent to that of many smartphones. The Jiophone 2 offers you features that are matchable with a smartphone.

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