Difference Between Cypress and Selenium

Ram Pothuraju
Difference Between Cypress and Selenium
Feature Selenium Cypress
Language Support its Support Most of the Langauages Like Java, Python, Ruby,C#, Php,uch More Its Only Supports Javascript and Type Script
Framework Support Its Suports Multiple Frameworks Based on Programming lanugauge Like Junit for Java Its Support Mocha and Chai
Cross-Domain Support Supports cross-domain testing. Does not support cross-domain testing.
Auto-Waiting Does not have built-in auto-waiting. its Supports auto-waiting.
Screenshot & Video Features No Built-in screenshot,Video Feature here we Need Some Custmaization to add this Feature its Supports Builtin Screenshots and Videos
Mobile Automation its Supports Mobile Automation using Appium Does not support mobile automation.
Execution Mode in this Code will runoutside ofthe Browser Means firts it Intracts with the rowser driver Then it will Connect to browser so its very Slow comapare to Cypress in this code Directly runs on the browser.So its very speed
Browser Support Supports most browsers. Chrome, Edge, Firefox, WebKit, Electron.
Multi Tab Support its Supports Multi Tab Execution Defaultly Does not support Multi Tab Execution .

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