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Ram Pothuraju


Write Your First E2E Test in Cypress

  • Once you've installed Cypress successfully and opened Your Fav Editor and integrated with with cypress aThen  it's time to create your initial test. To do this, 

Create Empty SPEC file in your Editor 

with cy.js or cy.ts Extension

  •  Write describe Block As below

describe('My First Test', () => {

 // it Block and Logic


  • Here describe Block is Like Test Suite in which we can write N number of Testcases By Using It() blocks

  • Then write it block inside the describe block with some logic 

describe('My First Test', () => {

  it('Visit Any website', () => {




THere Cy.visit is the Command in Cypress to Visit any Website url 

Then Save and go to Terminal and Navigate to Project Path and Type 

npx cypress open 


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