A Guide to Google Posts, Or Podium: It’s About to Be A Brand New World

Ram Pothuraju

Google is working on a twitter-like platform, which is been spotted randomly on Google Search. The search result contains a small snippet of messages, which is directly shown in Google search page without any links. It looks like Google is secretly working on its new twitter-like platform. You can posts your views and thoughts to your followers through Google and it will appear on Google search directly.

Google Posts or Podium :

Google calls it as Your Podium on Google which is an experimental project from Google. It allows the verified users and businesses to directly communicate with their followers and consumers with text, images and Videos. Once the post is published, it will be directly displayed in the Google search results, so it will reach the customers soon. This platform allows the users and businesses to have their own personal content feeds embedded within the Google platform similar to the other platforms.

As of now it was limited to few selected individuals and organizations. When comes to individuals, only verified individuals are allowed for this service. Google has limited the project to few peoples as it was still in experimental phase. Google Posts feature is available on an invite-only basis. You can join the waitlist so that Google will intimate you when the service is made available for you.

What are Benefits from this service :

The individuals can reach their followers quicker.Google Posts - Podium
Businesses can reach their customers quicker than earlier.
As the individuals are verified, you can trust the source and messages from them.
It will give you more relevant content.
You can share text, images and videos – which makes more user interactions.
Increased conversation rates.
More Social Sharing.
User Engagement.


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