Telegram updates size of supergroups boosting it to 5000

Ram Pothuraju

Telegram is one of the popular messaging app, which is a tuff competitor to WhatsApp. When comparing to WhatsApp, Telegram has many features and it supports more platforms. In addition to the features, today they have introduced three new updates to its app. The update includes Group With 5000 Members, Public Group and Pinned Messages features. Let me describe you shortly about the updates.

5000 Members – SuperGroup Admins can now add up to 5000 members to its group
Public Group – From 13-March, SuperGroups can become public and get a short link, like . So anyone can view the group and join.
Pinned Messages – The pinned messages are displayed at the top and if the message is pinned, all the members of the group will get the notification, even though they muted the group messages. It would be easy to the super group admins to inform any important messages to the users like announcements, etc.,

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